Ex-Engineer Compton Patient Phil visits Jaguar Land Rover

Posted on 07 February 2018.

Recently we were able to help fulfil a wish of one of our patients, Phil Jones, to visit Jaguar Land Rover - Engine Manufacturing Centre.

During a conversation with one of our nurses, Phil spoke about his passion for engineering so we decided to put the wheels in motion and organised a visit to our local engineering plant.

Accompanied by two Compton nurses Phil was given a grand tour of the facility and met a number EMC employees who spoke in detail about the centre. He was also able to ask questions and talked in-depth about his own experiences of working within a manufacturing environment and of the engineering industry, particularly how much is has changed from when he first started his career.

Phil commented: “I had a really good time looking around the facility and would like to thank Jaguar Land Rover for making a dream a reality. It’s been an incredibly difficult time for me and my family and this has really helped raise my mood. Seeing how happy and fulfilled people are at the EMC, it’s made me want to come out of retirement and apply for a job here myself.”

Phil took great pleasure in seeing the processes and the precision tooling involved in the creation of the engine head, block and crank. His tour of the Diesel Assembly Hall allowed him to get closer to the engine, where he was fascinated by the many manual, semi-automated and automated processes involved in the creation of the Ingenium.

Technology Manager Jon Stanley welcomed Phil to the facility. He said: “It was an absolute pleasure to be able to welcome Phil to the EMC and give him a tour of the facility. He is a fascinating man, who clearly knows a lot about engineering and has a passion for cars, so it was great to hear some of his stories. Given his current health, it was important that we were able to act quickly. It was a real privilege to meet Phil and the hard working carers who look after him.”

Angie Matthews, Staff Nurse on the Compton Hospice Inpatient Unit, accompanied Phil on the visit and commented: “At Compton we always strive to find out what makes our patients happy and so after a conversation with Phil about his love for engineering I thought it would be great to organise a visit to Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Centre. We cannot thank the team at the EMC enough for helping to make this happen for Phil, they accommodated the request at short notice and made it so special for him. The trip certainly brought a smile to his face and will be a lovely memory for him and his family to cherish.”

Thank you to Jaguar Land Rover for organising the tour and putting a smile back on Phil’s face.





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