Spectators witness stunning performance

Posted on 15 June 2012.

Accolades continue to roll in following Compton Choir’s brilliant performance of “The Witness” on 22ndand 23rdMay. 

As the overture was played, the choir entered, dressed in simple white accentuated by vibrant coloured sashes, and the scene was set for a stunning presentation.

The story began as the elder Peter (Tony Nicholls) looks back on his life and sings ‘I love you Lord’ leading to a clever switch over to the younger Peter (Dan Callow), who takes up the story in acting and song as the elder Peter moves to the mike to narrate the story of his ‘carpenter friend’ who turned out to be much more than he seemed, and had changed his life.

Characters who had known Jesus sing, dance and enact their parts of this true story in a mix of lively, meditative, funny, sad, exuberant  – but always moving – scenes.

As the story unfolds and reaches its triumphant and joyful climax, the audience joined in with singing the reprise as key characters Mary (Niamh Allen), Jesus (Andrew Wilkinson) and Dancer Dee Elcock joined ‘the Witness’ - both elder and younger Peter - to take a bow.

Congratulations to Fr Barry Smart, Musical Director, on what many have commended as Compton Choir’s best production to date – as well as raising over £4,000 (so far!) for Hospice funds.  Well done to everyone involved!

This is more than just a presentation – it is a real message for everyone – a truly lovely experience and one not to miss, so look out for the continuing “Witness” roadshows over the coming weeks – there could be one at a venue near you!


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