Unite Union Goodyear Donation to Compton to total £1.5 million

Posted on 15 December 2017.

In November 2016 we shared the incredible news that Compton is set to benefit from a sizeable donation from former members of the Unite Union branch of Goodyear Wolverhampton. This donation will go towards the development of our Community Co-ordination Centre which will allow us to coordinate our services from one central point in order to create a more responsive service for our patients and their families.

One year later, on Friday 15th December 2017 former Goodyear workers Cyril Barrett, Paul Baugh, Barie Malia and Mark Jenkins visited our Inpatient Unit where they met with a number of our patients. During their visit they also revealed the news that their donation to Compton will now total - £1.5 million.

Chairman of the Unite Union Goodyear branch Cyril Barrett commented: “On behalf of the trustees and management committee of the 5/344 Transport and General Workers Union I am extremely proud to say we will be putting £1.5 million into Compton Hospice Community Coordination Centre project.

“The project has created such a positive response and a real sense of pride from the workers and so we want to make sure that this project is up and running, and that all costs are covered.

Mr Barrett added: “The members of the Transport & General Workers Union were very clear that they wanted to do a project with Compton Hospice because Compton is part of Wolverhampton and the Black Country’s community. Compton have supported our members, and their families, over the years. This donation is all about creating a proud living legacy, and there is no greater place to do that than with Compton Hospice. The people who have lost their jobs feel a great sense of pride that they are supporting their local community.”

Reacting to the news Compton Hospice CEO Claire Marshall commented: “This news is absolutely breath-taking, £1.5 million is a phenomenal amount of money! This donation means that we get the Community Coordination Centre of our dreams. It means we are able to transform our services going forward, and it means putting patients and families at the heart of everything we do.

“What’s even more wonderful for me is that this donation has come from local people who are part of our community and who have been supporting Compton for decades. This project means that they are leaving a fantastic legacy and that they will continue to support their community for many more decades to come. It’s very exciting for all of us here and we can’t quite believe it. This is the best early Christmas present we could have asked for."

The Compton Community Coordination Centre project will see the creation of brand new building from which the hospice will coordinate referrals to its extensive range of services including inpatient care, care in the home, day care facilities and emotional spiritual and social care. With all services being coordinated from one central point the centre will create a single point of access making it easier for patients, families, carers and healthcare professionals to access support from Compton Hospice.

Today’s announcement follows news that planning permission for the Coordination Centre has been granted with work due to commence in 2018.

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