Thanks Jean for 30 years of service

Posted on 20 June 2012.

A very special lady received a very special award at our Volunteer's Service Awards last week.

Jean Johnson was presented with a certificate after dedicating 30 years to our organisation.  This is an amazing acheivement and is testament to the truly wonderful lady she is.

Volunteer Services Manager, Maggie Perry, said: "There are so many things to say about Jean.  Her commitment has really been amazing.

"She never cancels her Tuesday slot unless she is ill or on holiday.

"She has seen many changes and, although she hasn't always agreed with them, continues to volunteer and support the hospice through thick and thin.

"She also gets involved in other activities here, over and above her work as a volunteer.

"Jean has helped raise thousands of pounds through tombola’s etc, helping us ensure a secure future for the hospice, and provides refreshments for the treasured memory service.

"She beavers away in the background most of the time and is extremely humble about the work she does for us.  I'm sure she will brush off this article saying we shouldn't single her out for mention, but we think 30 years of service is more than deserving of a written thank you.

"Jean means so much to us and I admit to shedding a tear on presenting her with her certificate at the awards night.

"On behalf of the whole hospice team, I would like to say a very big thank you - not only for her commitment, but for her passion for the work we do, her bright and positive outlook and her unfailing sensitivity to the needs of our patients and carers."

Compton Hospice would like to thank all of their volunteers, you truely do a wonderful job.


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